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Field Facilitator Jobs at CARE Bogra Field Office

Position Title, Location & Contract Duration
Field Facilitator (for Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain Project Phase II (03 Positions, CARE Bogra Field Office)
The duration of the proposed contract is up to June 2015.
Deadline: September 12, 2013

Project Summary
Through the current phase of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain (SDVC) Project Phase II, CARE has been working toward sustainable solutions to overcome the major challenges to smallholder participation in the dairy sector market, particularly women, in North and Northwestern Bangladesh.  

  • CARE identified increasing access to quality inputs and animal management practices, increasing access to markets, organizing and educating farmer groups, improving milk collector’s business options and markets, and influencing dairy sector policies as the key leverage points needed to make the value chain work for the benefit of rural smallholder low-income producers.
  • SDVC targeted private sector companies and worked with them to pursue inclusive business models that both strengthened the value chain; and better and more equitably integrated poor producers in their supply and distribution chains.
  • SDVC’s major interventions addressed the most critical short-medium term constraints to unlock smallholder dairy productivity and profitability— specifically, access to affordable quality feed and veterinary drugs, better animal health and management at household level, improved access to livestock health services, establishing small-holder dairy farmers into producer groups, and increasing the efficiency and transparency of milk collection.
The project has made an impressive contribution to producer access to diverse and competitive community-level service provision across input supplies and collection, while upgrading local level businesses and creating opportunities for women in more advantageous roles.

I. Job Summary: 
In a brief paragraph, state the position's overall purpose or objective, highlighting the general functions for which the position is responsible. Why does the position exist and what must it accomplish
The Field Facilitator will serve as the main interface for working with the dairy producers, other value chain stakeholders and community. S/he is responsible to implement milk production, collection, transportation and marketing related activities in the field level through mobilizing and organize milk producer group. S/he is responsible to implement the DFT initiative in collaboration with BRAC Dairy and Food Project in the field level through mobilizing and organize milk producer group. S/he will collect data from different dairy value chain stakeholders like producers, formal and informal sector processors, support service providers, extensionists, GOs and NGOs, etc. and support PO to implement project M&E system as per M&E Plan with accuracy. S/he is responsible to facilitate in the development of entrepreneurs at the community level. S/he will ensure inclusion of gender equity approaches in implementation of different activities.
S/he will build a good rapport with producers' community, local elites, etc. FF will provide regular feedback to the PO. S/he will conduct general and group meeting in the community level. S/he will facilitate to conduct different training for the project participants. The Field Facilitator will be proficient in using PRA tools in various project interventions, studies (PM&E & others). S/he will share with the PO on any kind of new ideas and approaches generated from field level. To perform the activities s/he needs to be familiar with the social, gender equality and marketing context and constraints of the area by collecting and analyzing information from the community and other relevant sources. 

II.           Responsibilities and Tasks:  
Describe the major responsibilities, principal tasks, competencies and end results for which the position is accountable (try to limit responsibilities to five).  List the responsibilities in the order of importance and state the percentage of time the employee spends on each responsibility during a typical year.
Employees who supervise other regular employees on a continuous basis should have Staff Management as the number one Job Responsibility.  The general rule of thumb for percentage of time for management of others is 5% per direct report.  Example: If a supervisor has six direct reports then at least 30% of his/her job should be allocated to supervising those employees.

Responsibility # 1: Organize producer group and mobilize at field level
30% of Time
  • Select working area and community as per project specification.
  • Develop milk producers' group; each FF will deal 1000 no. (30000/30) milk producers; at least at least 50% of them are women producer members and based on local context to give emphasize to develop women group if possible.
  • Organize the groups through mobilization process.
  • Select Farmer Leader (FL) as per the guideline and conduct training for their capacity build up so that they can train the farmers for the long run; each FF will deal 100 no. (3000/30) farmer leader at least 50% are women leaders based on field situation.
  • Assist to organize dairy stakeholder meeting.
  • Conduct group and general meeting at the community level with the participation of men and women.
  • Organize and conduct campaign at the community level to make aware the community members in various aspects like milk consumption of children and women, gender equality issues, environmentally-friendly and health friendly issues. 
Responsibility # 2: Assist to conduct capacity building initiatives for the milk producer groups
20% of Time
  • Provide market related information and knowledge to the community members that will facilitate to develop their production and marketing practices.
  • Provide feed management related information and knowledge to the community members that will facilitate to develop their production and quality of milk.
  • Facilitate to disseminate new feeding technologies in the field level through result demonstration involving the project participants
  • FF will facilitate different learning sessions directly at the community level involving the FLs.
  • Facilitate to conduct different training session and other capacity building initiatives for the milk producer groups, farmer leaders and milk collectors.
  • Conduct FGD to gather information from the field.
  • Explore leaning opportunities/scopes for themselves.
  • Organize different cross visits for the beneficiaries as per necessity. 
Responsibility # 3: Implementation of Digital Fat Testing initiative at BRAC Dairy chilling plants and selected collection points at selected project area
30% of Time
  • Oversee the total milk collection system at morning and evening in selected collection point so that it will operate smoothly
  • Oversee the milk collection system at selected chilling plant of BRAC
  • Conduct regular field visits, observe milk collection activities critically to identify operational constraints and ensure remedial options in a participatory manner
  • Take awareness initiatives within the community on Digital Fat Testing initiative and motivate the producer by mobilization process to aggregate milk in DFT collection point.
Responsibility #4: Implement and maintain partnership with BRAC Dairy and other project counterparts
10% of Time
  • Facilitate building effective relationship with the targeted BRAC chilling centers, collectors and SDVC producers in the project area
  • Efficiently manage and grow the scale, influence and relational depth of this partnership with BRAC Dairy and CARE Bangladesh 
  • Solve different day to day problems and challenges of partnership in collaboration with BRAC Diary.
  • Follow up and monitor the implemented project activities in the field in a participatory manner and report to line management in time
  • Maintain liaise with the Govt. bodies, NGOs, women focused organizations at the upazilla level or other relevant institutions to have technical assistance and exchange resources
  • Establish effective linkages between producer groups with formal & informal sector
  • Create access to market, quality inputs and services for the entrepreneur
  • Link the producer group with the GOs, NGOs and other institutions so that they can have services and information and also bargain for better inputs 
Responsibility # 5: Integrate/Promote gender equality in implementation of different project activities
05% of Time
  • Assist to conduct baseline survey to assess women presence capacity
  • Conduct discussions, trainings on gender equality and VAW for awareness raising both in groups and in community
  • Conduct discussions with family members about the benefit of women's economic empowerment and the importance of family members support specially in sharing house hold responsibilities
  • Facilitate linkage between community and women paravets and entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate women’s participation in decision making in different meetings/activities
  • Organize gathering/discussion with men members/leaders in the community to discuss about importance of gender equality and their role to empower women and stop VAW.
Responsibility # 6: Support to monitoring and evaluation process
05% of Time
  • Collect project related information (Quantitative and qualitative), cross check, documented and send to M&E unit through immediate line supervisor effectively.
  • Facilitate PM&E session at group level using PM&E tools effectively and prepare reports as per M&E strategy and reporting system.
  • Document the event describing the process and learning in narrative manner.
  • Assist the monitoring team to develop questionnaire/format and monitoring tools (Formative and PM&E) guided by M&E unit.
  • Assist to prepare report providing necessary information
  • Provide necessary support and assist M&E team in data collection, compilation while conducted special studies.
  • Share learning at staff meeting or other gathering and promote this culture.

III.          Reporting to:  
Project Officer based in respective team office

IV.          Working Condition:   
Based at Team Office with approximately 90% of his / her time to be spent in the field for project activities and working with the project counterparts. S/he has to move around the project area by driving motorbike.

V.           Qualification Experences:  
  • BBA in Marketing/Bachelor Degree in any discipline. Qualification would be flexible in case of having experience in Agricultural product marketing or rural Market development.
  • 3-4 years relevant experience.
  • Ability to work comfortably with rural poor women and men.
  • Strong facilitation skill in community mobilization, capacity building and empowerment process.
  • Need assessment and have problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge on PRA/RMA tools and capable to apply the tools in analyze local market and social context, effective planning and monitoring.
  • Have well under standing on gender & women empowerment issues.
  • Skilled in data collection, maintain data quality, data entry, etc. related to M&E and other impact assessment.
  • Good communication skills and ability to communicate with local government bodies, market players, service providers, private sectors and others stakeholder.
  • Comfortable to work in a dynamic team environment.
  • Possession of a valid motorbike driving license and willing to ride motorbike in the field.
  • Good in computer literacy.
  • Good in both English and Bangla.
 VI.          Core Competencies:  
  • Have strong facilitation and motivational skill
  • Oriented on market development activities
  • Have communication skill
  • Familiar with monitoring and evaluation process 

Candidates need to be highly motivated and committed to CARE Bangladesh’s vision, mission, and long term development work to significantly improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized. Candidates must be capable of displaying great learning agility, support and encouragement of knowledge sharing across projects, to the ultimate benefit of all of CARE’s mission wide initiatives.

This is an interesting time in the development of CARE as an organization which is shifting towards a program approach where it has developed longer-term impact visions to have MORE sustainable changes in the lives of the extreme poor and marginalized. CARE is looking for a Field Facilitator who will play a key role in the leadership of the Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain Project Phase II whilst at the same time building a learning culture that promotes knowledge sharing across CARE and excellence.

Monthly gross salary is Taka 21,100 plus other admissible benefits as are per policy.
CARE Bangladesh invites applications from qualified individuals. Summary job descriptions and the application format can be found on the website at: www.carebangladesh.org. Please note that only applications filled in as per CARE format will be considered. Please email the application to hr@bd.care.org on or before September 12, 2013. For those wanting to send hard copies of the CARE application format please send to: HR Manager - HRD&M, CARE Bangladesh, 20-21, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215. Interested persons may also collect the application form from our Reception desk (9th floor).

Note: 1. Women are particularly encouraged to apply 2. Any persuasion will disqualify the candidates 3. Internal and external applicants shall be treated equally in the entire selection process 4.  Please write the position name at the top of the envelope.

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