Monday, August 17, 2009

J2EE Developer: Escenic Bangladesh Ltd.

Position: J2EE Developer
Deadline: 28 August 2009

At least 2 years experience designing and deploying Java / J2EE / Java EE-based solutions. Total experience 3 years or above is preferable.


  • Lead and oversee the design of new, Java / J2EE / Java EE and SOA based solutions.
  • Perform Research and Development into the very latest in Internet-based technologies, methodologies, architectures and industry trends.
  • Analyze code to find causes of errors and revise code. Test code using structured testing methodology and confirms programs meet specification.
  • Convert designs and specifications into code.
  • Write and maintain technical specifications, documentation to describe program development, coding, testing, changes, and corrections, installation and operation of developed software.
  • Provide technical assistance by responding to inquiries from other stakeholders.


A strong interest in researching, making recommendations and implementing new web related tools/technologies is highly preferred. The candidate must be able to code, debug and test application programs utilizing JAVA and web-based programming tools. Having hands on experience in HTML, CSS etc i.e. web technologies will be an advantage. Candidates must be committed to exacting quality standards; extensive unit and integration test experience. Candidates must have experience working successfully in a close team environment.

  • 2+ years experience designing and deploying Java / J2EE / Java EE-based solutions on behalf of complex, integrated, business environments.
  • Experience designing and exposing re-usable Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) based solutions.
  • Deep knowledge of XML, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Java Server Pages (JSP), HTTP, and Servlets.
  • Proven and extensive experience designing solutions using the Apache Struts Framework (for Java EE) and Apache Axis Framework (for Web Services).
  • Possesses a strong background in Object-Oriented (OO) system design.
  • Experience with iterative software design, prototyping and methodologies.
  • Demonstrable experience with Intellij IDEA or similar product.
  • Experience with software build/deployment frameworks (such as MAKE, ANT, MAVEN, etc.) and unit test frameworks (such as JUNIT).
  • Experience performing source control with Perforce or similar product.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Presentation skills and the demonstrable ability to discuss technical subjects with personnel - at all levels - is a must.
  • Highly analytical, pro-active and detail oriented.
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