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Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist,Database Expert : ACDI/VOCA

ACDI/VOCA and its collaborating partners, including Project Concern International (PCI), will work to reduce food insecurity in three upazilas in the Khulna division. PROSHAR will apply a long-term approach by leveraging opportunities in a number of value chains based on market analysis, strengthening health systems and empowering communities to prepare and respond to disasters. Additionally, by working with its collaborating partners and in a concentrated environment PROSHAR will achieve broad impact and demonstrate methodologies that can be scaled-up and replicated elsewhere in the country. To inform program decisions and determine results, the establishment of a robust M&E component is an integral part of PROSHAR.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist


The Khulna based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist will provide for both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of monitoring and evaluating for the ACDI/VOCA PROSHAR Program working with staff and collaborating partners.

  •     Provide day-to-day M&E organizing and coordination in the Khulna field office.
  •     Assist in developing an effective monitoring and evaluation system.
  •     Work closely with the PROSHAR M&E Director and Gender Specialist in the management of the Khulna level  M&E  information  systems  for  PROSHAR  to  ensure  that  information  is  adequately  collected  and reported.  
  •     Responsible  for  coordination,  collection  and  compilation  of  field  based  data  on  a  regular  basis (monthly/quarterly or as decided by the management).
  •     Assist and guide partner NGOs in collection and compilation of reports.
  •     Assist in midterm and final evaluations
  •     Supervise and provide guidance to the field level monitoring staff and partner NGO M&E staff to ensure that the monitoring is on the right track
  •     Conduct  data  quality  reviews  and  ensure  that  collection  of  relevant  data  is  accurately  and effectively performed.  Play active role in maintaining data accuracy and completeness.
  •     Visit project offices and fields to monitor the field level activities.
  •     Maintain  liaison  with  primary  stakeholders  and  other  staff  to  ensure  a  two-way  flow  of  information  on implementation.
  •     Facilitate  communication  between  those  carrying  out  field  implementation  and  management  at  target upazila and Khulna region.
  •     Work  with  other  PROSHAR  partners  to  ensure  proper  reporting  and  data  quality  and  will  work  closely with the PROSHAR M&E staff to coordinate collection and reporting procedures. 
  •     Maintain  effective  collaboration  and  coordination  with  the  national,  divisional,  district  and  Upazila  level relevant department of GoB, NGOs and other partners.  
  •     Collaborate with leaders of other Title II program assessments, analyses and evaluations.
  •     Use results of gender analysis, and other program assessments to integrate gender in the program design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, organizational structure and operations.
  •     Prepare and conduct M&E trainings for staff and beneficiaries, collaborating with other trainers to ensure that strategies mentioned in the M&E plan of PROSHAR are appropriately addressed in all trainings.
  •     Develop a series of questionnaires to assess the quality of MYAP interventions.
  •     Assist  in  preparing  timely  donor  required  reports  consistent  with  the  approved  MYAP  award  requirements.
  •     Update M&E database and travel regularly to all MYAP program sites, to conduct monitoring and quality assurance.
  •     Synthesize  and  analyze  M&E  quantitative  data  and  provide  monthly  output  reports  with  narrative  on progress  to  date  in  achieving  results  as  well  as  providing  explanation  for  variances  and underperformance.
  •     Work  closely  with  Title  II  MYAP  M&E  staff  to  coordinate  information  sharing  on  early  warning trigger indicators and nutritional and market price surveillance trends in MYAP operational areas.
  •     Perform any other duty as requested by the M&E Director or his/her designee.


  •     Minimum of 5  years of monitoring and evaluation experience in a development or food security related setting is required;
  •     Experience in conducting focus groups and surveys is preferred;
  •     Established track record of achieving results within difficult working environments is required;
  •     Knowledge  of  office  systems,  including  experience  with  computer  applications  (e.g.  Access,  Word, Excel,
  •     PowerPoint, MS Outlook, database management, etc.) is required;
  •     Bachelors degree  in  a pertinent field (for example: statistics, economics or other related field) is highly desirable;
  •     Fluency in both English and Bangla languages is required.

Database Expert


The Khulna based short term Database Expert will help the MIS Specialist. S/he will be hired for 8 months especially to compile data, prepare reports and to expand the existing ACCESS based database.

  •     Review and compile data into the existing ACCESS based database and prepare required reports;
  •     Ensure data to the concerned colleagues for final review;
  •     Edit data as requested by the MIS Specialist;
  •     Expand existing ACCESS based database to capture quality data;
  •     Transfer data from various sources into the databases;
  •     Make field visit and/or provide TA over telephone to PNGOs to ensure quality data;
  •     Perform any other duty as requested by the MIS Specialist or his/her designee.


    B. Sc. in Computer Science/ Engineering or related filed from any reputed institute with at least 3 years relevant (Visual Basic 6, MS Access, etc.) working experience.


Candidates meeting the above qualifications should send their CV, along with a cover letter indicating the position applying for, by March 19 th , 2012 to . Only finalists will be contacted for interviews. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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