Friday, March 16, 2012

Management Trainee : British American Tobacco

Management Trainee 

Principal Accountabilities
The Global Management Trainee Programme is one of British American Tobacco’s key programmes to prepare our young incumbents to succeed in our increasingly competitive business environment and to support us in our vision of world leadership in the tobacco industry. The Global Management Trainee Programme is a two-year development programme that forms the first crucial step on a structured, long-term career path. You are joining a program followed by other Management Trainees from British American Tobacco worldwide in benefiting from a tough, intensive and very interesting and stimulating experience. You will be working on relevant and real tasks from the start, directly contributing to the business and taking on increased levels of responsibility as you progress. No matter where you join - or in which function you start your career - through the Global Management Trainee Programme we aim to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet our extremely challenging and demanding global standards of excellence. If you are the kind of person who truly relishes a challenge, you’ll find a career with us highly rewarding.

Education Requirements
Bachelors in Biological Sciences (e.g. B.Sc Agricultural Science/ Environmental Science/ Forestry/ Soil Science/ Botany); preferably with a degree in Business Administration

General Requirements
  • Must have written and verbal fluency in both English and Bangla, 
  • Must be able to work and live in diverse work environment including extreme rural areas anywhere in Bangladesh 
  • Must have proficiency in computer applications 
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills with an appetite for positive results 
  • Should have exposure in leading teams 
  • Should have solid evidence of extra-curricular and social activities throughout academic life 
  • Should be competent in communication and influencing skills 
  • Should be able to work independently in planning, implementing and delivering projects in academic or professional life

Application Deadline for this Job: Saturday, 7th April 2012

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