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Career at Playdom Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

Playdom Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd., part of the Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG), the interactive entertainment affiliate of The Walt Disney Company, creates immersive, connected, interactive experiences across console, online, mobile and social network platforms to entertain and inform audiences around the globe. DIMG's mission is to deliver Disney content to fans, whenever and wherever they want it, through numerous interactive media platforms.

DIMG operates five global product groups: Disney Interactive Studios produces console and handheld video games for the Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo DS™, PlayStation®Portable, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment systems, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and the personal computer; Disney Online produces and a portfolio of leading lifestyle websites for families, including; Disney Online Studios develops online virtual worlds, providing connected game-play experiences for children around the globe; Disney Mobile brings the best of Disney content to the mobile web, smart phone applications, and mobile games; in addition, DIMG manages a Disney-branded mobile phone service in Japan in association with Softbank; and Playdom produces best-in-class content for the rapidly growing platform of casual games on emerging platforms and social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. All five product groups work together to create a variety of connected, multi-platform entertainment experiences.

Playdom wants to entertain everyone, everywhere, through the world's best social games. With more than 15 games available for free on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks around the globe, we've got something for everyone - and even more coming soon.From the cute, fluffy carnage of Wild Ones to the hidden objects in Gardens of Time, Playdom produces a diverse portfolio of casual games. As part of the Walt Disney Company, Playdom is bringing the tradition of high-quality entertainment, to the rapidly growing world of social games.

Come Play With Us!

 When you work for Playdom, you'll play a key part in our goal of entertaining everyone, everywhere through the world's best social games. At Playdom, we hire players and PhDs, artists and analysts. The result? Seriously fun social games. Learn more about how you can join our team by clicking a specific location below. A position at Playdom could be waiting for you!
Playdom Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. is offering some exciting career opportunities for the aspiring candidates who want to challenge and excel themselves always. All positions are based in Dhaka.

General Qualification for All Candidates:

  • Quick Learner
  • Not allergic to new methods / technologies 
  • Fluent in English 
  • Experience using Subversion is a plus
  • Problem solver 
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment 
  • Able to work in a team

Mobile Front-end Engineer

Do you consider yourself as a mobile application enthusiast? You love to create mobile app for the most sophisticated mobile app platforms in the world. Do you have skills that can set the app stores on fire? Then we are looking for you. Come play and build some of the most advance and ground breaking games with us for mobile devices. You will be teaming up with some of the country's leading mobile app developers. Together we will be creating games that redefine the face of the game industry. Are you up for the challenge?

Flash Front-end Engineer

Flash + ActionScript is possibly the biggest, most reliable and trusted technology for creating social games. We are looking for the best ActionScript developers for our games' front-end development. You will be writing codes that will control the game behavior and you will actually building the game brick by brick. You will bring the game to life! Are you ready to create a world of game where the players will rule?

Back-end Engineer

Welcome to the place where the big boys play. This is all about the game server from where the games are controlled. We use Java mostly for our back-end codes. This is the most delicate part of our games as the core game engine lies here and everything get synced up at this point. So, the people at the back-end are required to be on high alert round the clock. If you consider yourself as a rough and tough Java developer who will overcome every odds to ensure top notch game performance, you have good chance to end up working with us!

QA Engineer

When it comes to quality and performance, we follow only one rule, "No Compromise". You will be working as a QA Engineer whose core work will be testing our amazing games(both live ones and yet to be released ones). You will make sure no bugs go unnoticed. You will be working side by side with the developers to get those issues fixed and then verify it. You will be joining the team of some blood thirsty QA Engineers who already got world class recognition from around the world. If you have a keen pair of eyes that can locate even the slightest margin of error in everything, don't waste your time sitting there. Come and find us some bugs!


Artwork, graphics and and animation are definitely the life of every games. The most decorated roles of every game studios are hold by the artists. These are the people who kindle the flame of imagination when the game development starts. They mold it, they nurture it, they help it evolve and finally they present a visually stunning game environment where every gamer will love to get lost and never come out. We have some of the best Game Artists working for us. If you consider yourself as a great artist and you are sure that you can play along with the big boys, let’s talk about it. Bring your best work and prove your skills. It’s a real privilege to be able to create artwork that goes under the banner of Disney. This is where imagination and creativity set the path of life!

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